PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab

You can control 100% of your brands and your profits!

Let us manage all your drop shipping and fulfillment needs, so you can focus on what matters most— your brand, sales, and profits.
For e-commerce, retail, and other businesses, a fulfillment center is a necessity in keeping up with consumers.

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PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab

PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab is central to the state of Florida and near to an international airport. Because of its central location, PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab is also in close proximity to all airports and seaports in Florida.  All of which cut down on shipping time and cost.

PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab can handle all your drop shipping like receiving, inventory storage, picking, packing, order processing, and shipping.


Using technology with our proprietary software, PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab can expedite same day shipping for domestic and international shipment for every customer.

A fulfillment center, such as PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab, goes beyond the traditional warehouse capabilities and functions to offer more to its clients in the way of inventory management with our barcode inventory capabilities.

Proper inventory management saves you money in both your short term and long term goals. This is why a fulfillment center is always the better option over warehouse storage.

Contact Call Center

PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab also provides Contact Call Center Service, a must for e-commerce and most businesses.

‎Forecasting product demand is vital for businesses. Monitoring these trends help you gauge supply and demand, so your company is not hit with a slew of backorders.

Just log into our state-of-the-art dashboard and you can start viewing your inventory, placing orders, and funding your account.

It is very simple and easy to connect your business to us via API

Send Us Your Inventory

Once your inventory is received, it is counted, and safely stored at our fulfillment center. Next, we add your inventory to our warehouse management system, which is then synced with your sales platform.

Orders Are Received & Processed

Orders placed by your customers are received by us, where they are quickly picked, packed, and shipped by our team. Have any special shipping or packaging requirements? Not a problem, we’ll work with you to build the perfect product delivery experience for your customers


Your customers receive their order in 1 – 3 days


A returns policy is a vital component for all businesses and eCommerce shops. Our reverse logistics process makes handling customer returns very easy.