About Us

PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab can trace its history back to as early as 2012, when we were a smaller logistics company in Orlando, Florida with big aspirations.

We saw very quickly the need for a drop shipping/fulfillment services company, so we decided to move into this sector to help all e-commerce and other businesses facilitate the services they need.

We don’t consider a sale final until the customer has the product in hand, in good condition, and in a timely manner!

Over the next few years we worked on this goal, and in 2021 launched PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab as a full-fledged fulfillment company. We took the hard work from our customers and made it our issues to solve; whether warehousing, packaging, or shipping.

At PHIRST KLASS Fulfillment Lab, we are committed to providing our customers with impeccable service at a competitive cost, without having to choose one over the other.


Our Fulfillment Partners

Our Solutions

  • With our Proprietary Software, we're able to transfer data via API's from all platforms. Users will have access to their dashboard to see their inventory, processing orders, and shipped orders.
  • We also have Contact Call Center services, and are partnered with an off shore call center to help save you money.
  • PHIRST KLASS™ Fulfillment Lab has a 20,000 sq ft warehouse with 6 loading docks, conveniently located in Orlando, Florida. WIth ease of access to all air and sea ports in Florida.

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